[TowerTalk] Soldering flex-weave

Bill Cotter n4lg at qx.net
Fri Dec 28 18:29:31 EST 2007


When I discovered how tarnished the flexweave wire had become, 
after a break in my 80M delta loop, soldering was not going to be 
an option. Instead, I used a small copper split-bolt (like the 
electricians use for entrance cables) with 7/16" head and nut. The 
compression fit did a perfect job, and there will be no galvanic 
action in the outdoors.

73 bill n4lg

At 04:07 PM 12/28/2007, Martin Ewing AA6E wrote:
>I've got some dipoles built from Flex-weave wire -- stranded with
>zillions of small conductors.  The wire is indeed very flexible, 
>but I
>need to shorten one of my antennas.  The problem is that the 
>copper is
>weathered pretty well by now, and it can't be soldered as it 
>is.   (This
>is the downside of stranded antenna wire -- it turns into Litz wire
>after a while, you can't be sure the current divides equally, etc.)
>So the Big Question:  What's a simple, efficient way to clean the 
>off finely stranded wire in the field?  I've tried abrasive methods
>(sandpaper, knife blades), but they don't do well.  Do you know 
>any good
>If nothing better comes along, I will try acid.  That should be
>effective, but it's not user friendly.
>TIA / 73 / New Year's greetings,
>Martin AA6E
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