[TowerTalk] Soldering flex-weave

Jim McDonald jim at n7us.net
Fri Dec 28 20:50:51 EST 2007

I know this sounds very crude, but I've spliced Flexweave by tying it with a
square knot, even without trying to clean it.  I've checked the DC
continuity of several of the knots, and it tested fine.  Whether it's really
0 ohms at RF I can't tell.

I do like the fact that it can be tied into knots, whether to splice it or
to attach it to an end insulator (with a bowline, of course!).  I don't like
the fact that Flexweave tangles easily when it's coiled, and the difficulty
cleaning it is a nuisance.

Jim N7US

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When I discovered how tarnished the flexweave wire had become, 
after a break in my 80M delta loop, soldering was not going to be 
an option. Instead, I used a small copper split-bolt (like the 
electricians use for entrance cables) with 7/16" head and nut. The 
compression fit did a perfect job, and there will be no galvanic 
action in the outdoors.

73 bill n4lg

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