[TowerTalk] cleaning Flexweave

Craig Clark jcclark at wildblue.net
Fri Dec 28 21:47:42 EST 2007

here's what is recommended by Davis RF

FW Oxidation Cleanup:

The great advantage of the 168 strands (# 14,  more if the #12) is 
that it facilitates flexing and non-kinks. Fortunately it does not 
break except when something comes down on it or if is rubbing against 
most materials.  Breaking and rejoining usually precipitates the 
cleaning question.

So, here's what you do.  Go to a plumbing supply and ask for 
"Plumbers Acid"  or get a pint of HCl but be sure you have gloves 
that are rated for HCl and also wear safety glasses

Soak the end of the wire you want to clean in the acid for about 10 
minutes and then use a small wire brush (Home Depot, etc) to brush 
the area you want clean.  Go in one direction:  toward the end of the 
wire, with the brush.  The oxidation on the fine wires will come 
off.  Dip it back in the acid a few times after brushing it, then 
wipe it by pulling it through a soft towel / rag.

  That will do it.  If you have to solder a connection to the wire, 
put some silicone silastic over the whole solder joint and an inch or 
so on the wire to either side.  This will allow you to get at that 
solder joint, if ever need be, without oxidation build up.

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