[TowerTalk] Soldering RG213 to PL259

Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Fri Feb 2 16:24:26 EST 2007

Jameco has them for about $2.50 each here:


Be careful to order "83-1SP," and not 83-1SP-1050, which is the "Astroplate"
version that isn't very easy to solder...



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Hi Steve and thanks for the reply. Do you know who has the best price on 
the Amphenol 83-1SP's? I'll order some right away!

Thanks again,

Steve Katz wrote:

>Amphenol still manufactures and sells real, honest PL-259s, like the P/N
>83-1SP.  They are like the old ones you're familiar and comfortable with.
>Amphenol is the patent holder on the design, although the protections
>provided for ran out many years ago.
>I'd stay away from the Amphenol "RFX" PL-259s, which can be found with a
>Teflon dielectric but not a silver plated connector body: They are
>"Astroplate," which is a bright nickel finish that does not wet very well
>with ordinary solder.  The old-fashioned 83-1SP, which has been around for
>50+ years, has a phenolic dielectric but a silver-plated body and is very
>easy to solder, it wets like a sponge.
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>This may have been discussed previously and if so I apologize for 
>waisting space. I recently purchased a bag of 10 PL-259's from BuxComm. 
>These are silver/teflon with a gold center pin. I have been out of ham 
>radio for the last 16 years and haven't soldered any connectors since 
>before 1990. I used to cut the outer jacket to the proper length, tin 
>the braid then solder the braid through the 4 holes on the side then 
>solder the center conductor. Back then, most PL259's were made in the 
>USA and the area where the holes are was reduced in diameter so that the 
>braid made good mechanical contact and would solder well if good quality 
>cable was used.
>With these newer connectors, I find the diameter of the connector is not 
>reduced in the area where the holes are so there is a gap between the 
>inside of the connector and the braid of tinned coax. You can't fold the 
>braid back over the outer insulation and get it that far in the 
>connector as the fit is too tight. I have seen examples where some are 
>soldering the braid to the outside of the PL259 but I like doing  it 
>from the inside as I used to do years ago. 
>Does anyone know of a way to work with these newer PL259's? I wonder if 
>all PL259's are made this way now?
>Garry - WR4R
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