[TowerTalk] Managing Balanced line transitions

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Fri Feb 2 17:59:45 EST 2007

Allan H. Kaplan wrote:
> I would recommend NOT using baluns in connection with open wire line.
> It's hard to guess what impedance they would see at a particular
> frequency location along the line, and they do not work well nor with
> low loss when they are mismatched.  In general, they will always be
> mismatched in your situation!  For the coaxial sections you contemplate,

OTOH, in my situation, they are always matched and see something
close to 450 ohms.  I put the tuner at the antenna.  I wouldn't
recommend running 350 meters of OWL in a mismatched condition due to the
increase in loss and decrease in bandwidth.

Rick N6RK

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