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Teflon dielectric is good.
The dielectric in a connector such as the PL-259 type does not need 
mechanical rigidity.
Teflon has better dielectric and break down characteristics as an insulator 
in a connector than just about any other material. Teflon is impervious to 
moisture while phenolic will absorb moisture.  Teflon will not track as 
readily or as badly under the same conditions as phenolic.  It melts at 327 
C and is not considered hazardous in solid form.

 Teflon cold flows. So what? It actually does so rather rapidly under 
pressure, but it's not under pressure in a PL-259 and is probably the best 
insulating material you will find for that use.
MSDS http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/PO/polytetrafluoroethylene.html
>>I'd stay away from the Amphenol "RFX" PL-259s, which can be found with a
>>Teflon dielectric
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> I agree. Teflon has a nasty characteristic called "cold flow" which
> means it will deform over a period of time due to simple mechanical
> pressure. While I have not personally heard of this causing a problem

It doesn't.

> in coax connectors, I don't believe the other benefits of Teflon

They do.

> outweigh the risk. Ordinary phenolic has been used for decades with no
> problem at amateur power levels.
> This is not one of those "sky is falling" kind of warnings. If you
> choose Teflon it will probably work ok. Just be aware.

Teflon is probably the best material you will find for the insulating 
material in a PL-259.

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