[TowerTalk] Soldering RG213 to PL259

Bill Turner dezrat at copper.net
Mon Feb 5 11:15:33 EST 2007


On Mon, 5 Feb 2007 05:33:51 -0500, "K8RI on TowerTalk"
 <K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net> wrote:

>Teflon dielectric is good.

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In the aerospace industry our policy was to not use Teflon insulation
unless we needed its specific properties. In a PL-259 Teflon is

As I said, use it if you like and it will probably work ok, just try
to not be seduced by the "gee whiz" factor. Phenolic works fine and
does not cold flow.

Bill, W6WRT

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