[TowerTalk] Soldering RG213 to PL259

Mike Miller wa0zog at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 6 15:48:09 EST 2007

Now this is an article I'd like to read.  I don't believe I remember this one...perhaps it was either before my time, or I missed it somehow.  Anyone got a clue which issue it was in?  I've searched the QST archives back to 1977 so far, and can't seem to find it.  Thanks!
--Mike, WA0ZOG

::Maybe you don't remember, but QST did an expose on these many years ago.
They found some imported UHF "elbow" (right angle) adapters, including
from Radio Shack at the time, actually contained a little spring inside to
make the center conductor electrical connection.  The little spring became
an RF choke in the higher HF region and of course blew itself to smithereens
if used at any power.  Funny stuff! - WB2WIK/6

>Over the years I have learned my lesson. Nothing but Amphenol brand
coax connectors here. I especially avoid elbow connectors by Radio
Shack, having burned two of them open. One of the two developed an
intermittent internal connection and as a result did about $400 worth
of damage to my amp due to arcing in the tune capacitor. 

A costly lesson.

Bill, W6WRT<

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