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Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Fri Feb 9 13:10:10 EST 2007

Alfa Radio in Canada is a dealer, not the manufacturer.
When I bought my Alpha Spid, I had to pay a similar 
junk fee.  Alpha didn't pay it for me, nor did they
promise to do so.  It makes more sense for the customer
to pay it because Alpha doesn't know the exact amount
or get invoiced.  Certainly SOMEONE has to pay it.  If
you don't, Alpha would have to.  It is a junk fee, but
a legal junk fee.  Alpha should probably do a better job
of publicizing this fee.

In any event, you will find the rotor to be excellent.


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> I would like to hear from hams who have purchased an Alpha Spid 
> from the Canadian manufacturer as to if there was a customs 
> charge and did the manufacturer pay it or did you the customer pay it?
> In October 2005 my Visa statement shows that I paid $1083.99 for 
> the rotator with mouse option.  Shortly thereafter I received a 
> bill from the shipper (DHL Express) for $25.38.  My senior memory 
> recalls that I called the 800 number of the shipper and explained 
> that the manufacturer said that I wasn't responsible to pay for 
> it and gave them the manufacturers representative telephone 
> number (I had also called the manufacturer who said that there 
> was some sort of mix-up between them and the shipper)..
> Yesterday I received a bill from a collection agency in Texas for 
> the customs charge plus an additional $6.35 penalty!
> This is a small charge and I could just go ahead and pay it but I 
> would like to know if it is usually paid by Alpha Radio, Ltd?
> k7puc
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