[TowerTalk] alpha spid rotator

Joe - WDØM WD0M at centurytel.net
Fri Feb 9 13:13:48 EST 2007

Customs duties, in my personal experience, are 
always the responsibility of the purchaser/importer.


At 11:10 AM 2/9/2007, Richard (Rick) Karlquist wrote:
>Alfa Radio in Canada is a dealer, not the manufacturer.
>When I bought my Alpha Spid, I had to pay a similar
>junk fee.  Alpha didn't pay it for me, nor did they
>promise to do so.  It makes more sense for the customer
>to pay it because Alpha doesn't know the exact amount
>or get invoiced.  Certainly SOMEONE has to pay it.  If
>you don't, Alpha would have to.  It is a junk fee, but
>a legal junk fee.  Alpha should probably do a better job
>of publicizing this fee.
>In any event, you will find the rotor to be excellent.
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> > I would like to hear from hams who have purchased an Alpha Spid
> > from the Canadian manufacturer as to if there was a customs
> > charge and did the manufacturer pay it or did you the customer pay it?
> >
> > In October 2005 my Visa statement shows that I paid $1083.99 for
> > the rotator with mouse option.  Shortly thereafter I received a
> > bill from the shipper (DHL Express) for $25.38.  My senior memory
> > recalls that I called the 800 number of the shipper and explained
> > that the manufacturer said that I wasn't responsible to pay for
> > it and gave them the manufacturers representative telephone
> > number (I had also called the manufacturer who said that there
> > was some sort of mix-up between them and the shipper)..
> > Yesterday I received a bill from a collection agency in Texas for
> > the customs charge plus an additional $6.35 penalty!
> >
> > This is a small charge and I could just go ahead and pay it but I
> > would like to know if it is usually paid by Alpha Radio, Ltd?
> >
> > k7puc

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