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Joe - WDØM WD0M at centurytel.net
Mon Feb 12 13:10:45 EST 2007

Hi Bob,

I had a similar issue - and resolved it with 
epoxy/rock cement and drilling holes using a 
hammer drill to put 25 rebar rods in place.  The 
difference is that my tower base is all above 
ground, because I have bedrock 6 inches under the 
soil on almost all of my 5 acres.

I've had my tower up for almost 3 years, and it's 
withstood 88 mph wind gusts that blew out the 
front windows in my home with not a single 
problem.  Was I nervous when I did it?  Yup.  I'm 
very comfortable with the decision, and it's 
worked very well.  It's a free standing US Towers TX-455.

You can see it on my web page at:


Click on Ham Radio, then "Tower Project".

Hope that helps!


At 11:04 AM 2/12/2007, Bob Maser wrote:
>I have a 3x3x3 foot concrete foundation in my front lawn that I have been
>using for my HyGain HyTower antenna.  MY plan is to remove the HyGain and
>enlarge the foundation to 6x6x4.  I have heard that it is possible to hammer
>drill holes in concrete, pour in a 2 part epoxy, and insert threaded rods
>and this will be strong enough to be used for attaching a tower.  I want to
>put up 60 feet of Rohn 65 and have it be self supporting unless a hurricane
>comes through the area, in which case I would put temporary guys on the
>tower.  Does anyone have experience with this epoxy method and can give me
>some direction on doing this?
>Bob  W6TR
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