[TowerTalk] 40-meter Beverage

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Thu Feb 15 23:18:07 EST 2007

Hi Guys,
I'm going to put in some hours on 40-meters this weekend in the  ARRL DX Test.
My transmit antenna works great but I'd like to put up a Beverage  tomorrow 
aimed towards Europe as my noise level is high and I probably  won't be able to 
hear them without a receive antenna.
This is another one of those last minute jobs!  (I've been  working 
out-of-town for several months and just got home)
I don't have a matching transformer for the feedpoint and I don't  have a 
terminating resistor for the far end.  Wish I did as I'd like the  antenna to 
uni-directional towards Europe.
QUESTION 1: I've heard some guys say that a Beverage will work  pretty well 
even if the feedpoint impedance isn't matched.  For this  temporary antenna can 
I feed the Beverage direct with a piece of coax and  ground the braid?
QUESTION 2: I don't have a termination resistor on-hand and no  time to order 
one.  I need recommendations for what I should do with the  far end, such as: 
leave it open, tie it to a short ground rod, tie a helium  balloon to it... 
oops- don't have helium on-hand either!  (just kidding on  the balloon)
In closing, I'd like a temporary beverage that will improve my  signal to 
noise ratio on 40-m. beaming Europe.
I realize I should match the feed impedance and I should have a  terminating 
resistor... but since I don't and I need the antenna up tomorrow  night... can 
I make this  inefficient beverage work better than my  noisy transmit antenna?
Thanks & 73,
Dick- K9OM

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