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A 200 feet or longer Beverage  will work well on 40 meters.  It only
needs to be 4-6 feet high.  Go for it!  

Surely you know some ham in the New Smyrna area who'll be happy to loan you a resistor! Call some of your friends. You need a 470 ohm resistor,
or some combination of resistors that add up to approximately 470
ohms.  The termination will improve your signal to noise ratio.

Don't worry about the transformer.  Hopefully your receiver is
sensitive enough to make up for poor efficiency with no transformer.

Good luck!


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>Hi Guys,
>I'm going to put in some hours on 40-meters this weekend in the  ARRL DX Test.
>My transmit antenna works great but I'd like to put up a Beverage  tomorrow 
>aimed towards Europe as my noise level is high and I probably  won't be able to 
>hear them without a receive antenna.
>This is another one of those last minute jobs!  (I've been  working 
>out-of-town for several months and just got home)
>I don't have a matching transformer for the feedpoint and I don't  have a 
>terminating resistor for the far end.  Wish I did as I'd like the  antenna to 
>uni-directional towards Europe.
>QUESTION 1: I've heard some guys say that a Beverage will work  pretty well 
>even if the feedpoint impedance isn't matched.  For this  temporary antenna can 
>I feed the Beverage direct with a piece of coax and  ground the braid?
>QUESTION 2: I don't have a termination resistor on-hand and no  time to order 
>one.  I need recommendations for what I should do with the  far end, such as: 
>leave it open, tie it to a short ground rod, tie a helium  balloon to it... 
>oops- don't have helium on-hand either!  (just kidding on  the balloon)
>In closing, I'd like a temporary beverage that will improve my  signal to 
>noise ratio on 40-m. beaming Europe.
>I realize I should match the feed impedance and I should have a  terminating 
>resistor... but since I don't and I need the antenna up tomorrow  night... can 
>I make this  inefficient beverage work better than my  noisy transmit antenna?
>Thanks & 73,
>Dick- K9OM
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