[TowerTalk] Amphenol connectors

Wilson, Dion dwilson at oshkoshsv.com
Fri Feb 16 11:55:13 EST 2007

Below is a website that they show you first hand how to install
connectors for hardline.  May not be exactly like you have but gives you
a damn good idea whats going on and what to expect.  





Noid Wilson



Steve Litwins wrote:
> I have a pair of Amphenol A4PNM-W connectors I think made for Andrew
> LDF4-50A.  Has anybody used these N-type connectors on above cable? 
> And...if so, do u know what the installation instructions are?  73/dx
> steve, k8wk
> *********** 
I've used several different brands of connectors on 1/2" Heliax, and the

assembly instructions are all pretty similar, but the specifics vary.  
Basically you need to trim the cable so a small length of center 
conductor is exposed, and a longer length of shield is exposed, then put

the back part on along with any o-rings that may come with the 
connector, and screw the front part onto the back part.  Unless this is 
a solder type connector, where you have to solder the center pin onto 
the conductor.  This is the basic idea, but...  without the specific 
instructions, I can't give any specific information.  I don't have any 
of these connectors around to check for myself, and the instruction 
sheets that come with them are probably long gone from the last install 
I did with these.
I wasn't able to find an A4PNM-W, the only connectors that Amphenol 
lists are the A4PNM (solderless) and A4PNM-S (solder type).  Here's a 
drawing of one:
If you do a search for A4PNM at amphenolrf.com you will find some more 
info.  Unfortunately the links to installation instructions don't work.

One could always contact Amphenol for assistance.

Ethan KC8HES

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