[TowerTalk] Thrust Bearing Screws & Fingers

Phil Camera kb9cry at comcast.net
Wed Feb 21 12:21:19 EST 2007

If you are putting the second thrust bearing in so it can be run loose and only tightened when you need to pull the rotor for maintenance that would be O.K. 

Excuse me, so you're going to depend on six little screws (three at the top bearing and three at this second bearing) using friction binding into the mast material to be strong enough to hold up any mast and the weight of the antennas up above from slipping down and smashing your hands/fingers?

Not me.  Those bearing screws are only designed to hold the mast in the center of the bearing, not to keep it from slipping down.

What I do is take up two pieces of uni-strut or angle iron with a large pipe clamp in the middle and attach these to the mast and extend the ends through the tower rungs and allow those two to hold up the mast.  Or on another tower I attach a large mast clamp and use a come-a-long rigged internally to pull up and hold the mast/antenna assembly.

I wouldn't want to chance what you're planning.

JMHO (and I like my fingers).

Phil  KB9CRY

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