[TowerTalk] Toploading a Butternut HF6V

Cecil Moore w5dxp at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 20:28:32 EST 2007

>Can I add some toploading wires?

Here's what I did one time and it worked like a charm. I ran a wire
down the inside of the aluminum tubing. The two ends of the wire
were attached to a dacron cord run through a pulley up in a tree.
When the wire was inside the vertical aluminum tubing, there
was no top hat. When the wire was outside the vertical aluminum
tubing, there was a top hat. Resonance at any frequency on the
80m band could be had by adjusting the length of the top hat wire
that was outside the aluminum tubing. I tied knots in the cord every
100 kHz. Hope you get the idea.
73, Cecil, w5dxp.com

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