[TowerTalk] Two 15M stacking...and 40M too

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Sun Feb 25 19:14:03 EST 2007

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but I  personally would prefer two stacked 3-el Yagis.
The flexibility of pointing  in different directions
plus the ability to steer takeoff angle in  varying
conditions is a plus IMHO...not to mention  mechanical
reliability issues such as tower and rotator  torque

I concur.  LPL, XX, LR all have stacked arrays.  On 40 I used a 2  high stack 
of KLMs at 200 ft and 85 ft for years in FL...with the same results  Bill 
had...always up with and sometimes surpassing the MM stations in QSO totals  on 
that band.
Stacking gives you so much more flexibility in contests....the ability to  
beam two directions at once, the ability to adjust for differing incoming angles 
 in a flash with top/bottom and BIP/BOP.  Plus, keeping two smaller beams up  
and running is a lot easier than keeping one monster up.
If I can swing it out here, I plan to run stacks on 40...although at a  lower 
height since I have a different terrain than the flatland of FL.
I could go on and on....but if your main interest is DXing and not  
contesting it may not be as important to run stacks.
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