[TowerTalk] Two 15M stacking

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Remember that beamwidth is definded as the points where the signal drops 
3dB's from the main lobe.  After this point the signal does not drop to 
zero.  In many cases the signal strength of a large yagi will still be equal 
or greater than a smaller yagi beyond the big yagi's 3dB bandwidth.

John KK9A

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>From Maryland, a 45 degree beamwidth will simultaneously cover the
following areas with large contester populations:

Azimuth    Coverage area

22-25      UA4 and UA9 zone 17
22-30      Northern LA  OH9  SM2  UA1Z
30-60      Continental Europe (DL, G, F, HA, HB, I, OK, SP, UA, YU etc)
60-68      Iberian Peninsula (CT1, EA)

Its wise to include in a few degrees of additional beamwidth for small beam
pointing errors, pattern assymetry and skewed propagation paths.

50 degree beamwidth is a good choice, requiring boom lengths of one 
or less.


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