[TowerTalk] Two 15M stacking

Dean Straw n6bv at arrl.org
Mon Feb 26 12:28:35 EST 2007


I have a pdf I generated to answer the question "How narrow is too narrow?"
This is for stateside contests from Northern California, but will illustrate
the concept John, KK9A, talked about below. One picture is worth a thousand
words and all that. The two antennas whose azimuth response I compared
directly were a 3L15 on a 12' boom and a 7L15 on a 48' boom.

Since this reflector doesn't permit attachments, you can get a copy of the
small pdf (117 kB) by e-mailing me directly at:

n6bv at arrl.org

73, Dean, N6BV

> Remember that beamwidth is definded as the points where the signal drops
> 3dB's from the main lobe.  After this point the signal does not drop to
> zero.  In many cases the signal strength of a large yagi will
> still be equal
> or greater than a smaller yagi beyond the big yagi's 3dB bandwidth.
> John KK9A

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