[TowerTalk] Towers/Yagis for sale

Patrick Barkey n9rvee at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 12:58:38 EST 2007

Some things I will not be taking to Montana with me.  All items on the
in Muncie, IN.  Pickup is best.

Package #1:

70 foot Pirod tower (solid steel, 5 foot on a side at bottom, 3 foot/side at
Three Telrex Yagis (4 el 20 on 36 foot boom, 5 el 15 on 36 foot boom, 5 el
10 on 23 foot boom)
24 foot aluminum mast, 2.5 inch OD, 0.5 inch wall
W0MLY prop pitch rotor with control box
Rotor plate and bearing plate

This system is bulletproof.  Survived the ice that took down every other
antenna I had.

Picture:  https://ilocker.bsu.edu/users/pbarkey/WORLD_SHARED/IM000301.JPG

Price:  $4000

Package #2:

170 feet of Riverview tower, re-galvanized in 1998.  10 foot sections.
Vertical tubes
are 2 inch OD.  Can be handled with a beefed up gin pole OK.  This tower has
24 inch face and can handle very large antennas.  Includes most of the SS
bolts (0.5 inch, 6 per joint -- similar to Rohn 55), as well as 5 homemade
arm assemblies, galvanized.


(holding 6/6/6 on 20).

Price:  $2500

Serious inquiries contact N9RV at 765 730-3853.

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