[TowerTalk] Hy-Gain Balums or Coaxial Coil?

EC1CT Fernando ec1cwg at dxhunters.com
Tue Feb 27 06:23:50 EST 2007

Hello Jim and everyone,
As other suggested the BN-86 balun is not suitable for power levels over 1 
kw. I´ve been using a 105CA for about 15 years. Replaced the BN86 baluns 
twice in 5 years. Last time I put a BN4000 and it has been working ok for 
the last 10 years. Run 1.2 kw from time to time. No problems so far neither 
with spyders or moisture inside. I recently added a second BN4000 to my 
rotative dipole for 40 meters and works out perfect (including some extra 
gain of bandwidth compared with the previous coax choke I had). There are 
some other baluns in the market that could fill the bill with your HyGain 
yagi (including the famous ones built by Array Solutions) but I´d try the 
BN4000 series if I were you. Best 73s.
EC1CT Fernando
E-mail: ec1ct at ure.es

>I have been renovating a set of Hy-Gain monobanders.  These had the Hy-Gain 
>balum with
> them.
> I have opened one of the balums and beside a little oxidation at the SO239 
> they appears to
> be in pretty good condition.  I notice that there appeared to be a rubber 
> o ring at both ends
> of the ferrite material that has sort of gone away.  I don't know if that 
> is a big deal..
> Anyway, what to do... use the balums or coil coax, anybody got any 
> suggestions?
> Thanks
> Jim/KC4HW

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