[TowerTalk] HAM IV Service Manual

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Mon Jan 22 07:54:30 EST 2007

On my rotors I have replaced the bolts with studs, locktited and a 
jam nut to keep them in place. Then when on the tower I just set it 
on the plate & put flat, lock & nut on from the bottom. Before I 
leave the ground I put some anti-seize on the threads of the nuts (& 
the spares). One of them has been drilled out to 5/16" holes (bought 
used that way) the other has stock 1/4". Makes rotor swap a breeze.

At 01:27 PM 1/21/2007, Mike Holley wrote:
>My Name is Mike Holley VE7AVM and have two HAM IV Rotators in service  but
>on removing one  which had become defective  for bench overhaul  three out
>of the four mounting bolts  snapped off in the  attempt to unscrew from the
>tower mounting plate , every effort has been made to remove the bolts from
>the casting but with out success  . My next step would be to replace the
>casting  but  as I do not have the service manual  I have no idea of the
>current part number  ,I have written to "Hy Gain "   to try to purchase a
>Service Manual but to this date no response  . Can any one help please .
>The data stamped on the bottom of the casting is H4 S1  JUL 81
>    Mike Holley VE7AVM
>  mikeholleu at shaw.ca
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