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Chet Moore ChetMoore at cox.net
Mon Jan 29 15:35:00 EST 2007

The book you are looking for is the N0AX/K7LXC tri-bander report.  I think I 
paid $25 for it.  Best 25 bux I have ever spent.  Send an email to K7LXC on 
this reflector and your book will be quickly on its way.

At the time this report was done, I don't think the StepIR was available to 
be tested so the StepIR and MonstIR are not covered in the report.

Press on regardless


Chet N6ZO
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>I am a relatively new ham, since 8/06, and am trying to put together a
> good dxing station. I currently have a Cushcraft A4S and am thinking
> of upgrading it.
> The specs for the Cushcraft X7 really look good, but I would like your
> overall impression of the X7. I'm not asking for details, but just your
> overall impression, if possible. How might it compare with a 4 el SteppIR?
> Also, I've heard of a book that reviews and checked specs for a number
> of antennas. Where can I find that book?
> Thanks,
> 73, Craig - AD5YJ
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