[TowerTalk] Setback requirements (was "permit in hand")

W7CE w7ce at curtiss.net
Sat Sep 1 23:24:31 EDT 2007

> When they wrote the tower regs for our township we had two hams on the
> planning committee.
> The population density is pretty heavy out here so the only concerns were
> safety and they made a specific distinction between ham and comercial
> towers. Our only limitations are "stet back limits" meaning if it goes 
> over
> it has to land on your property, unless you can get a wavier from that
> neighbor. The other was anything over 80' needs to be engineered and they
> are quite willing to accept the ROHN catalog specs.

I've been wondering about the property line setback requirements for towers 
recently.  Why do most areas have set back requirements for towers based on 
height but nothing similar for buildings?  Is there an automatic assumption 
that standard engineering practice is questionable with tower designs and 
that they are likely to fall down?  Nobody makes that assumption with 100' 
plus high commercial buildings.

Clay  W7CE 

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