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Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Sun Sep 2 01:29:12 EDT 2007

>> When they wrote the tower regs for our township we had two hams on the
>> planning committee.
>> The population density is pretty heavy out here so the only concerns were
>> safety and they made a specific distinction between ham and comercial
>> towers. Our only limitations are "stet back limits" meaning if it goes 
>> over
>> it has to land on your property, unless you can get a wavier from that
>> neighbor. The other was anything over 80' needs to be engineered and they
>> are quite willing to accept the ROHN catalog specs.
>> Roger (K8RI)
> These types of set back limits *should* be easy to fight.  How many

I doubt it. This is a highly populated, but rural area.  Building heights 
are also regulated as is the minimum size for a lot in many areas. We're 
also seeing more "green areas" required to limit housing density (Urban 
sprall) They are looking at going to  4 to 6 acres per home (single family 

> ordinances can you name that allow for a 35 foot tall house to be
> erected 10 feet from the property line?  How many cities allow 10

Here building height is limited and it's far less than ham towers.  In the 
newer subdivisions the homes are farther back from the lot line than they 
are tall. Only in town and older rural subdivisions do you find them close 
to the lot line.

Power poles are lines are regulated by the state. 4 days ago I spent 7 hours 
without power because they allow the power lines so close to the road.  A 
semi backing out of a driveway busted one of the ploles off on the other 
side of the road.

Here any ham tower 80 feet and under requires no permit, nor will you get 
one if you ask.  You need a permit to put a small shed on a concrete slab, 
but none for a tower base and guy anchors that take much more concrete.

Roger (K8RI) 

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