[TowerTalk] masting

Gregg Seidl k9kl at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 6 13:49:00 EDT 2008

Boy with all the talk about using fencing makes me get nervous!!Good high 
grade masting ISN"T that expensive.What if you put that mast up and then 
decide you want a bigger antenna or " just one more ".Not to mention if you 
get a " 100 year " windstorm.Saving a penny is almost always smart but in 
this case I'd spend the money and get a 1026 DOM tubing mast and sleep easy 
at night knowing that if that mast bends it will be the least of your 
problems......you'll need to worry about no power,trees down all over.You'll 
need a new roof etc etc.Please do it right ONCE.   Gregg K9KL 

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