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>  Some many months ago I either asked on this reflector or  read on it about 
the particular piece of equipment some of you have used to  dig a 3-1/2X 
3-1/2X 7-1/2 deep hole for an LM-370 tower. 
    This is a stupid design. It's great for an  engineer sitting in a 
air-conditioned office that never has to install one!  First, it's potentially 
dangerous because you're going to have to get in the  hole at some point and finish 
digging it out by hand! Second, you can  barely get a shovel in there to dig, 
let alone use a pick axe. A stupid  design. Trylon Titan's have another kind 
of stupid design.
    Go back to your PE (Karl probably) and tell him  you want one wider - 
even 5 or 6' would make it a lot easier - you could even  dig it by hand or just 
about ANY little excavator at that point. It'll take a  little bit more 
concrete but it'll be infinitely easier and safer to install.  

>   I am at the point I can actually get it going but am  having trouble 
getting the right excavating company with the right equipment.  So, I really hate 
to beat a dead horse on this subject, but outside of "day  laborers" which I 
may end up using anyway, what is the best way to dig this  hole so the 
remaining soil around it is undisturbed? Who has a picture of the  actual machine they 
used? I have seen it before but don't remember  where.

Do it yourself! Go to  your local rental yard and see what they've got. A 
Ditch Witch or Kubota or any  of the others will work FB.  They're not that 
expensive. And running one is  pretty easy and FUN! 
        I used to hire guys to dig  my holes but couldn't get one once so did 
it myself. Relative piece of cake  actually. After 30 minutes or so, you'll 
really be cruising.
        Someone mentioned a backhoe  with a telescoping hoe. It's called an 
Extend-a-hoe and will let you dig holes 7  feet deep or so. 
        They have small ones with  treads that go in and out so you can get 
it thru small gates - less than 40" as  I recall. These days I mostly rent 
full-sized backhoes and they get the job  done. You do need the Extend-a-hoe 
though. And sometimes 4wd is a must.  Fortunately that's the way most of them come. 
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