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Gene Smar ersmar at verizon.net
Tue Jan 1 09:36:37 EST 2008


     That cost seems a bit pricey to me.  Around my QTH (DC area), delivered concrete goes for around $100 a yard.  With your pricing that means the digging will cost you about $900 - for about an hours worth of time.  

     If your price includes the labor to set and install the tower base, construct and set the rebar frame, frame up the top of the concrete (the above-ground section), and float (smooth out) the poured concrete, then that might not be too bad a price.

     Just for giggles and grins, why not ask someone else for another estimate?

73 es HNY de
Gene Smar  AD3F

From: Artmouton <k5fnq at cox.net>
Date: 2007/12/31 Mon PM 05:47:37 CST
To: towertalk at contesting.com
Subject: [TowerTalk] Cost of cement base

Just wondering the amount one might expect to pay for installing a base 
section and the variations around the country

Rohn 55G requires 5.3 cubic yards of cement, with rebar and gravel.
The cost of digging the hole (back too far gone at this stage)
and the cement job is estimated to be about $1,400.

Is this totally out of line or within reason.

My last tower was installed as part of an addition to my house so there was 
no way to figure cement cost (and that was quite a few years ago anyway)
Art K5FNQ 


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