[TowerTalk] Force 12 antennas for sale

Charlie, W0YG charlie.w0yg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 07:56:31 EDT 2008

I have several Force 12 antennas that are now for sale:

Force12 Magnum 340N three element 40M antenna. This antenna will not
interact with a 15M beam according to Force12. I had this sold but the buyer
backed out. Therefore it is back up for sale. $1450.00 and I think I can
ship as I have some boxes. You pay the UPS or FedEx charges. Check the price
of a new one, $2379.00.

I have a Force 12 boom that was used for an 80M yagi. It is 10 feet of 5
inch diameter tubing in the middle and 13 feet of 4 inch diameter tube on
each end making 36 feet overall. It has overhead supports for each element
as well as a plate for mounting each element under the boom. I also have a
cradle along with sleeves for mounting to a 2" mast as it normally is for a
3" mast. I don't have a clue what something like this might cost but it
someone is thinking of building up an 80M yagi, here is your boom ready
made. I also have four switch boxes that go with the boom for switching in
and out different segments of the 80/75M bands. I want $500.00 for it with
30 day haul away stipulated if you are not in the area. I will not ship.

80M four square consisting of four light aluminum towers that require a
slight amount of base loading indicating they are not quite full size, all
phasing lines cut using a HP Network Analyzer, 5KW baluns for feeding each
tower and a Comtek 80M four square phasing network. $1750.00 for all. Just
the network now from Comtek costs over $400.00 not counting the coax which
is included here. This cannot be shipped so it needs to be picked up in
Parker, Colorado just south and east of Denver. This antenna plays! Contact
me for a photo. I require $250.00 deposit and pickup within 30 days.

C49XR Force12 antenna covering 20, 15 and 10M with 4, 6 and 14 elements
respectively. This antenna has been up for about four years, it is not
weathered and looks new. It is complete with a 5KW balun. The antenna is on
the ground now but must be disassembled for pickup. This is a honker of an
antenna and not for the faint of heart. It has attained "Custom" status on
the Force 12 price page making me hesitant to guess what the price really
might be. I want $1500.00 at it sits. All hardware, everything is complete
including instruction manual. This antenna is assembled so that one feedline
activates any of the three bands. If you intend to pick up, I require
$250.00 deposit to hold the antenna provided you arrange for pickup within
30 days of purchase. Please, no overseas inquiries.

Magnum 330 Force 12 3 element 30M yagi assembled but never put up. $900.00

Special Force 12 5 element 17 and 5 element 12M antenna on same boom.  This
antenna can be used as is or the boom cut to make two separate 5 element

All antennas are on the ground and ready to be picked up or shipped.  I
cannot ship the C49XR as I dont' want to take it apart but will help with
this.  The 80M 4 square are Force 12 antenna elements converted to

Contact me to see what I can and cannot ship.  Buyer to pay all freight
charges but I do have some Force 12 original boxes to ship some of the above
antennas in.


Charlie, W0YG..>>

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