[TowerTalk] 160/80m Inverted L dualband design

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Thu Jul 3 09:06:32 EDT 2008

Geeze, Pat... those plots all show a rather narrow bandwidth on all the
options.    What does the modeling program say about the old fashioned
V dipole?  How about a sloper like the Alpha Delta DX-B single wire
trapped sloper?  (Admittedly the latter gets mixed reviews, but some
credible hams get really good results with it.  I get average results with
mine and it is not even on a tower!)   How about a sloping dipole?
Delta loop with apex on tower top?

How do these other choices stack up?  I am curios because I face
exactly the same dilemma posed on your web page.

============   James - K8JHR  =================

Pat Rundall wrote:
> I've done some more modeling with MMANA this evening to give me an
> idea of the pros and cons of some alternatives:
> - Dual band inverted L
> - Two inverted Ls (one for each band, perhaps fed with one system)
> - Shunt feed the tower


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