[TowerTalk] 160/80m Inverted L dualband design

Pat Rundall pat at n0hr.com
Wed Jul 2 23:32:10 EDT 2008

Thanks to all those who have replied to my plea for help on a lowband
system for 160/80 on a single tower.

I've done some more modeling with MMANA this evening to give me an
idea of the pros and cons of some alternatives:
- Dual band inverted L
- Two inverted Ls (one for each band, perhaps fed with one system)
- Shunt feed the tower

I've reworked the page a bit to include the new models:

Using MMANA to model a shunt fed tower (with a SteppIR on a ANwireless
tower) is admittedly tricky. But the model is here for your enjoyment.

Many great emails on this subject - it will take me awhile to reply to
all of them, but thanks in advance.

Very few favorable responses to the idea of a dual band sloping L...
most tried to talk me into shunt feeding the tower or using two
separate Ls instead. Some were under the impression that because I was
proposing a sloped top element, that this was a sloper. That's not the
case - I was proposing a base fed traditional inverted L design with a
sloped top.

Anyway, I'll be doing some more research on shunt feeding the tower
and weighing other options....

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