[TowerTalk] Rohn House Bracket and Stucco Siding

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sat Jul 5 04:23:14 EDT 2008

Only a proper architect could tell for sure... but I would be afraid of the
bracket cracking the stucco.  Remember, the bracket takes all the side
forces on the tower so its going to be pushing and pulling on that spot as
the wind changes.  So personally I would go with a separate ledger board and
be sure to bolt well into the inside structure.  Remember, lag bolts into a
2x4 wall probably won't hack it... the note in my older rohn catalog about
house bracket installation is "the interface of tower brackets to supporting
structure is to be designed 'by others' and must support a minimum
horizontal force of 815 pounds."  The way I look at that is to picture the
attachment point with the wall laying on its side and think about 5 people
hanging from it, if you aren't comfortable with that its probably not strong

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> Stucco isn't particularly common in my area.  What is the proper way to
> attach a house bracket to a building with stucco siding?  This is cement
> stucco over metal lathing -- not EIFS.
> Of course, following the manufacturer's specifications is the way to go.
> Radian *does* show the bracket attached directly to the exterior siding
> -- however the diagram shows horizontal overlapping siding -- not
> stucco.  Do I bolt right through the stucco?  Do I put a backer between
> the bracket and the stucco?  Do I remove the stucco and put in a
> properly flashed ledger board to bolt through?
> -Jeff
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