[TowerTalk] Rohn House Bracket and Stucco Siding

Jeff Stevens jeff at mossycup.com
Fri Jul 4 20:46:14 EDT 2008

Stucco isn't particularly common in my area.  What is the proper way to
attach a house bracket to a building with stucco siding?  This is cement
stucco over metal lathing -- not EIFS.

Of course, following the manufacturer's specifications is the way to go.
Radian *does* show the bracket attached directly to the exterior siding
-- however the diagram shows horizontal overlapping siding -- not
stucco.  Do I bolt right through the stucco?  Do I put a backer between
the bracket and the stucco?  Do I remove the stucco and put in a
properly flashed ledger board to bolt through?


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