[TowerTalk] 3El Bobtail for 80 meters

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
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I operated a contest back in the 70s from W5SZ, "Uncle Bob"'s house in Honey
Grove, Texas. He had three 160 meter bobtail curtains configured in a
triangle. It was the first time I had ever worked 160 in a contest and the
antennas worked real nice. It was a pretty good sized antenna as you might

Bill W5VX

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Its been at least a dozen years but there was a W0 (I think W0MJ) in
Louisiana who had a big bobtail array.  He was then a broadcast engineer and
when DX came on 75 or 80 he usually was the first one through.  Surely
someone will remember him as he beat out everyone. I recall him getting a 40
over 9 from a CN2 on SSB.

Another who has more than one bob tail is W4NP.  I talked with him several
years ago.  He is still active.

You do need a lot of space.

Dave K4JRB


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