[TowerTalk] Log Periodic comparisons

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Sat Jul 5 19:39:35 EDT 2008

Any one have data comparing the HyGain log to the Tennadyne 14.1 - 30 HD 
antennas for quality, longevity, and performance.  Of course the HyGain 
is smaller as it doesn't cover 30 meters and has a shorter boom.  Any 
other HF logs? The new Tennadyne is a fair sized HF antenna with a 42' 
boom and 53' for the longest element and a total of 14 elements. I don't 
know what it weighs. 

I'm beginning to think I should have had those trees removed instead of 
trimmed. <:-))


Roger (K8RI - ARRL Life Member)
N833R (World's oldest Debonair)

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