[TowerTalk] rotor control cable and the bulkhead....?

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Mon Jul 7 12:52:30 EDT 2008

A Question...

how does one take the 7 or 8 wire cable thru a bulkhead and into the 
station?  I cannot see how a lightning strike hitting the mast or the 
yagi or beam or ??? on that mast is not going to travel down to ground 
using the tower, the coax, and the control cable.  I use an antenna 
switch box mounted on my Rohn with a piece of coax going thru the 
bulkhead thru the usual grounding connectors.  but cannot figure out 
how to ground the rotor control cable before it enters the shack.

73 de chas/k5dam

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