[TowerTalk] Ground Mounted Vertical - Revised - working fine!

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Thu Jul 10 19:37:29 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,
Thank You for the replys.  I added radials and the impedence is coming  down 
as it should.  Oh my, I had it backwords!  I thought the  impedence should 
start low and increase with radials... while the opposite is  true.  I once knew 
better... but I've have been struggling with memory  problems related to Lyme 
disease.  Thanks for your patience.
I got down 6 radials before dark and the impedence on the 40-meter vertical  
is now down to 60 ohms.  I'll add more tomorrow.
Hope to work you in the IARU this weekend!
Best 73,
Dick- K9OM/9
In a message dated 7/10/2008 7:47:10 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
donovanf at starpower.net writes:

With no  radials, your quarter wave vertical should have 75 to 100 ohm 
feedpoint  impedance.   The impedance should come down steadily as you add  radials. 
 It should get down near 50 ohms after you have 15 to 20 radials  installed.  
 It should approach 40 ohms after you have 30 to 40  radials installed.

The exact length of the radials laid on the ground  is of no importance.  30 
to 50 feet is a good choice for 40  meters.

Good  luck!


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