[TowerTalk] Serving Tool for guy wire

Roger D Johnson n1rj at roadrunner.com
Thu Jul 10 20:12:57 EDT 2008

W5CPT wrote:
> Roger et all,
> The serving did not secure the loop in the EHS.  It only provided a 
> smooth transition of the dead end to the main line.  Rather than just 
> lay the dead end of the loop on the run, we separated the strands of the 
> end and wrapped them around the main one at a time, tapering from the 
> first to the last. This eliminated the step that was produced by 
> the dead end against the main.  Later they gave us compressible sleeves 
> that we put on the main first then terminated the EHS around the thimble 
> and secured it clamps (sometimes as many as 6 per termination), then we 
> slid the sleeve over the dead end and crimped it to provide the smooth 
> transition. The serving was classy looking but tore up my hands and 
> probably gave me some kind of permanent damage from all the cuts from 
> the zinc that flaked off in chunks. 
> My 1984 Rohn manual has some pictures I can copy and scan if my 
> semi-literate explanation is not clear enough :^).
> Clint - W5CPT

I looked in one of my old Rohn catalog and found the page. Not the same
thing as I remembered from my seafaring days! What was the purpose in
doing this if other than just looks?

73, Roger

Remember the USS Liberty (AGTR-5)

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