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Roger et all,
The serving did not secure the loop in the EHS.  It only provided a smooth transition of the dead end to the main line.  Rather than just lay the dead end of the loop on the run, we separated the strands of the end and wrapped them around the main one at a time, tapering from the first to the last. This eliminated the step that was produced by the dead end against the main.  Later they gave us compressible sleeves that we put on the main first then terminated the EHS around the thimble and secured it clamps (sometimes as many as 6 per termination), then we slid the sleeve over the dead end and crimped it to provide the smooth transition. The serving was classy looking but tore up my hands and probably gave me some kind of permanent damage from all the cuts from the zinc that flaked off in chunks.  

My 1984 Rohn manual has some pictures I can copy and scan if my semi-literate explanation is not clear enough :^).

Clint - W5CPT

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  AD5VJ Bob wrote:
  > In reading the ROHN cat it talks about a serving tool used to wrap the guy wire back onto itself and around and around as a part of
  > installing the guy wire. I can not seem to find a 'serving tool' for this purpose anywhere on the internet does anyone know where to
  > find one?
  >    73 fer nw es gud DX,
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  Good grief! How old is that catalog? From my days in the Coast Guard, I
  remember my CG manual showing how to use a serving tool but never
  actually saw one. It's used to form an "eye" in the end of wire rope.
  It's time consuming to do correctly and dangerous if done incorrectly.
  There are much better ways to do it today. Wire rope clamps, Nicopress
  sleeves and preformed guy grips are quicker and easier.

  I think the reason you can't find one is that no one uses them anymore!

  73, Roger

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