[TowerTalk] RFI & Sensitivity from Invisible Dog Fences

RTTYMAN at aol.com RTTYMAN at aol.com
Fri Jul 11 14:38:27 EDT 2008

My neighbor has a large loop ... either on the surface, or slightly buried  
beneath the ground on his 1/2 acre parcel next to mine. I have not heard any 
RFI  or "spurts of RFI" from his system. I don't know the brand. 
As for a dog getting "zapped" even before they cross that "invisible line"  
most units have a sensitivity threshold that is adjustable. On his set, the 
unit  the dog wears as a collar emits a "clicking" sound that gets louder & 
louder  as the dog approaches the limit line. It may take a bit of tweaking to get 
it  adjusted just right, but once done, the dog will indeed remember just how 
far it  can go before getting "zapped." Of course, the owner has to walk the 
dog a few  times around the "clear area" where it is permitted to go ... and 
also to  gingerly approach the limit line with the dog & note his/her reaction. 
To be  done properly, you simply cannot just throw the collar on the dog and 
expect it  to teach itself what the limitations of travel are. All animals need 
some form  of training in this manner. These training exercises will also 
help the bonding  process between the dog and owner. Remember ... a dog is part 
of your  family!
Once properly trained, you can buy a "dummy collar" that looks, weighs, and  
smells like the real thing ... but is without the electronics inside. This  
serves to reinforce the previous training ... and if the dog is really a  
persistent violator, just put the real thing back on the dog for some "real"  extra 
Good Luck.
Les, NN6K 

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