[TowerTalk] Lightning suppressors???

Tom Cox tomcox at iquest.net
Fri Jul 11 14:25:16 EDT 2008

I have both Polyphaser and ICE units. All are well-made, and I haven't 
(knock wood, throw salt over left shoulder, etc, etc.) had any damage 
yet, even when I had a 120-foot SSV, 50 feet from the house.

However, no such device will work without a low-impedance path to earth 
ground that is common with all other grounds on the property, such as 
power, phone and CATV.

Don't scrimp on ground rods, good clamps, and the biggest copper wire or 
strap you can afford, to hook them all up, AND a commitment to maintain 
all of it when it's installed.

QST just had a series of articles on lightning protection, and there is 
a good reference section of the Array Solutions website on the topic. 
Search Google, yahoo, etc., for much more.

I strongly agree with AA4NU -- "do your diligence."

Tom Cox, KT9OM

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> In 1995 after a MAJOR strike(s) I faced the same question
> and from my research at the time I choose Polyphaser for
> their protection units, it was expensive, time consuming, 
> but not a $ in damage or loss since then, now 13 years ago.
> ICE also makes units that many use with similar success.
> Do your diligence, try to avoid 'ham lore' and do this right.
> If I can help, let me know ... 
> 73 de Billy AA4NU

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