[TowerTalk] [Force 12 Talk] Antennas and power lines don't mix

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Fri Jul 11 14:16:51 EDT 2008

Interesting observation, and an important distinction VE4XT raises in
his post.

The answer is, of course, No - the alternative is to use an antenna that
cannot be a problem.  One has to live within the limitations of his

The general rule is that a tower much be limited to one-half the distance
to the power lines, and if not possible, then use a different type of 
Or move to where you can do what you want to do safely.    I have a
100 ft by 60 foot back yard.  I cannot have a 100 foot tower no matter how
much money I have  to spend (and the power lines are buried).

It just would be too unsafe to have in the close proximity to other 
owners and other houses.  If it fell, I am responsible.  If I want a 100 
tower, I gotta sell the house, and move to the countryside or at least a
bigger lot.   I cannot imagine why some hams think they can have it all
on a postage stamp size lot.  (I am not thinking of any one in particular,
so please do not get all upset thinking I am talking about you...)

A guy who walks his 20 foot tall (approx) Force 12 metal antenna into
a power line was not careful enough.  I admire him for his humility and
his willingness to admit it and remind us of how dangerous it can be, and
how quickly it can turn ugly.  He admitted his folly and shared it for us to
learn from.   Thank you sir.

But city dwellers cannot be "complete" hams if that entails having
more tower or more antenna than can be safely put on the lot.
Instead, they gotta be "limited"  hams, - limited by what they can safely
do on their lots.

============   K8JHR  ==============

ve4xt at mts.net wrote:

> Is the alternative then to tell city dwellers they don't deserve to be hams?
> Sometimes, you have to work with what you got. Not everybody can afford country acreages. If what 
> you got demands greater attention to safety, then you better pay heed.


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