[TowerTalk] HamIV - Low Torque over part of its rotation

ac9s at mchsi.com ac9s at mchsi.com
Sat Jul 12 09:18:37 EDT 2008

I have a HamIV which has low torque over part of its rotation.  I have it on 
the bench and I can actually stall the motor by holding the top and bottom 
with my hands.  The motor seems weakest over about a 45 degree range centered 
on East.  I seem to have the same issue, to a lesser degree at 270 degrees.  
Across the North part of its rotation there is no way for me to stall the 
motor with my hands, which is the way I think it ought to be.  The motor seems 
to run fine and there isn't any apparent binding - plenty of slop at all 
points of the compass.

Before I tear into it does anyone have any ideas?  I replaced the motor 
starting capacitor in the controller before taking the rotator off the tower.  
No apparent change in its stall characteristics.

Thanks much --


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