[TowerTalk] 2 HAMS died in Kansas City

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 15 06:32:08 EDT 2008

Michael Baker wrote:
> Hi gang,
> 	I just got through reading about this tragedy and a couple of
> thoughts crossed my mind.  I share them will all of you and please, don't
> shoot the messenger here. I am not pointing any fingers; that would be a bit
> moot at this point.
> 	First thought.
> 	Why would any Ham live that close to a 7.6KV line?  Power line
> noise?
> 	Second thought.
> 	Why the hell would I put up ANY antenna even remotely close enough
> to come in contact with a 7.6KV line?

Ham radio is all about making do and accepting compromises (well, ham 
radio isn't unique, that's life in general).

Specifically.. maybe the noise from the power line wasn't all that bad, 
or is adequately cancellable in the radio.  And folks have been doing 
"potentially dangerous" things for centuries.  I'd venture that there's 
an awful lot of towers/antennas that if they fell over would hit power 
lines, especially if you count TV antennas on tall skinny poles. The 
power company isn't wild about it, but, then, there's also lots of trees 
that fall on power lines, and nobody is out clamoring to have all trees 
chopped down.  Everyone gets to make their own risk assessment, 
hopefully with well informed judgement, but that doesn't change that's 
still a "risk".

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