[TowerTalk] 2 HAMS died in Kansas City

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue Jul 15 08:42:12 EDT 2008

Not so, Dick Tracy --  the power company here in Michigan
comes by and trims the trees -- they removed five whole fir
trees one day from my yard.

You would love the power company here:   They left quite a mess
in my yard.   They said they would remove all the branches and
trimmings... yep... they sure did... but left all the logs of the TRUNK
and said they did not say they would remove the TRUNK ...  sorry...

But they DO trim the branches back all along the lines and have a
routine program for doing so.   Dirty  Birds .

==========    Richards - K8JHR  ==========

jimlux wrote:

> power company isn't wild about it, but, then, there's also lots of trees 
> that fall on power lines, and nobody is out clamoring to have all trees 
> chopped down.  


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