[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S trap question

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Wed Jul 16 14:20:58 EDT 2008

Tom Anderson wrote:
> Ray, et. al:
> If you'll go to the Cushcraft web site and click on
> the tech issues drop down menu you'll find another
> menu for installation manuals in PDF format.  You can
> download them or print them out.  Its even got manuals
> Cushcraft no longer manufactures.
> http://www.cushcraft.com/Installation-Manuals.asp
> Hope this helps.
> 73 de 
> Tom, WW5L

I wish I could find a manual in that detail for the Mosely TA-33
shoot, I cannot even find colored marks on the elements and boom to 
see where to do what and with which <G>

I need a tech manual with dimensions so that I can take a caliper and 
match what is on the garage floor with what is on the paper.


de chas k5dam

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