[TowerTalk] trying to ID a tower and determine foundation requirements

Blair S Balden blair.balden at wmich.edu
Tue Jul 15 23:31:09 EDT 2008

My name is Blair, callsign NP2F.  I bought a used tower, it appears to be in good condition - just has some slight surface rust on the base.  It is 39' tall, self-supporting, galvanized steel, triangular.  The legs are 13" apart for the first 24 feet, then 9" apart.  The base section is just under 3' tall. I'm attaching photos.

I would like to find out what kind of tower this is, because I want to find out what the manufacturer's recommendations for a concrete foundation are.  I want to mount a beam and rotor on it.

If anyone recognizes it, or can help me figure out what a suitable foundation for it would be, please let me know.

Blair NP2F

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