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Let me tell you about "the crew" that will be on this show. The following
came from a crew that was there with them.

            "Quote" not from me.

		I was also there when we met the "infamous" crew and they
not only knew nothing of safety, they had also never heard
		of OSHA 10hr, Safety Climbing courses, or Rescue climbing of
any kind.  Maybe NBC picked this company hoping something happens.

            Its' funny because we ran into then on a tower in Tennessee and
there guys new nothing about safety. They sure know how to pick a group
            of tower people that can't lead the way. They were so
unorganized we had done everything short of kicking them off site because
		climber was so unsafe. We did however school him in tower
safety in which he never knew anything about it after six years of tower
		Hope they don't show the stupidity of their faults for us to
get a bad rep. We don't need it.

		Just TV sensationalizing something again for ratings. They
won't show the real truth.

 		73 Dave n4zkf

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If the photograph in the link below is any indicator; we're going to see
many, many safety violations on Monday night.  Should be good lessons
learned about what not to do. 

This is a good time to program your DVR so you don't miss it...


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>Should be something to watch.
>73 Dave n4zkf
>Since late last year, rumors have been circulating that a major network 
>or cable station was going to do a special on tower erectors.
>NBC confirmed it today, and their "Tower Dogs" special will air on July 
>21 at 10 P.M/ET.
>For an overview of the one hour special, the background on the 
>producers and some production shots and notes, see:

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