[TowerTalk] Tower Dogs on Dateline

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Sat Jul 19 23:39:00 EDT 2008

Interesting Point, David C --  I had a favorite college economics 
professor who would diss 60 Minutes for the same reason.  He said 60 
Minutes locates a single example of some tragic situation, and then gets 
some idiot sociologist who wants to become famous to make an exaggerated 
extrapolated statistical claim, whether or not supported by real data, 
testing or research, etc., and make out like it is some sort of 
epidemic.  Your comment brought him back to mind - he was one of those 
great professors who teach you a lot more than the subject of the class.

Happy trails and 73.    ----  Richards - K8JHR ----

David Calder wrote:
> Let me tell you about "the crew" that will be on this show. The following
> came from a crew that was there with them.


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