[TowerTalk] Tower regulatory climate in Fort Collins - Loveland, CO area

Martin, AA6E martin.s.ewing at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 10:53:14 EDT 2008

If it's a question of law, I'd consult a lawyer.  If it's about buying
and selling, a realtor.  (Keeping in mind that realtors by default are
working for the *seller* and their income depends on making sales
quickly and at a high price!)

Ham radio antennas are a special thing.  Most lawyers and realtors
won't know anything about those issues.  A lawyer can do research, but
you will pay him/her to learn on the job.  So, by all means read all
the serious ham antenna/legal resources you can find like K1VR's.

You can help with the research and carefully read any deed
restrictions, but you may need help to interpret them.

What a good local lawyer will know (and some realtors, too) is the
local political environment.  How to work the local Zoning Commission,
which wheels need to be greased, if you need a variance, etc.  If
you're new to a community, you need that kind of advice.  Relying on a
mailing list or even the advice of other local hams may only be worth
what you pay for it.

73 Martin AA6E

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